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  • Jess Molloy

Bitsy Game Jam (Rat)

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

For the past 3 days, I have been working in Bitsy, a free web-based game-making tool by Adam Le Doux.

It was the first time I created a game by myself, and it was the first time I had used Bitsy.

My initial notes on the jam theme 'Rat'

Using Bitsy, I was unable to animate make an NPC move from tile to tile. To work around this, I duplicated the scene and created 'Exits' (doors / teleporting) on each tile that the player could stand on (up, down, left, right). When the player teleported to the new scene, the spider was placed further away.

I made sure that the Exit's Exit was a destination in the new scene, and not a return exit so that the player did not hop back to any old scenes. After the destination was placed, I created more Exits based on the player's possible location and repeated the above steps. This ensured that no matter where the player stepped, the room would change and the spider would 'run away'.

I had an issue where the second ending (on the bed) was not working. The issue was due to the fact that there were two Exits / Destinations being on one tile, and so as the last exit edited/placed was being read. This happened to be a return exit back to the first room (with no exit) so it was not that the ending was not responding, but that the player was in the wrong instance of the room.

Demonstration of the exits and destinations below.


Screenshots from the published game

Birds eye view: A pink pixelated apartment showing a rat in bed and a spider about to steal a pink hat
Rasmus the Rat's bedroom
Birds eye view. Pink pixelated park showing Rasmus going to the other side of the screen

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